BRODYS BAITS is a company with one goal in mind; Inspire new trappers to get outdoors and set traps. The art of trapping continues to dwindle, but BRODYS BAITS hopes to inspire the youth as well as the veteran trapper who hung up their traps for good. By adding new innovations to tools, baits, and lures, BRODYS BAITS hopes to help bring prestige and splendor back to the great American art of trapping.


Brody Brossman is a young man with a passion for the outdoors. His love of trapping has been developed over years of walking the trap line with his father and friends.

What started as a passion turned into a small job when Brody found a new meat that has never been used for trapping. After years of trial and error, both Brody and his father developed a new bait that wild animals had never smelled before. This unique blend started out as a backyard hobby, but quickly turned into a small business as the trapping community called for more product.

Brody is very proud of his recipes. With more ideas on the way, Brody plans on adding innovation to trapping in hopes of inspiring more young people to take up its art. One of Brody's biggest endeavors was working with one of the owners on a new tool that would help him set a DP trap with no assistance. A few ideas were passed around, and before you know it - Brody was setting DP traps with one finger.

Aiming to share his passion with other kids, Brody plans to help make trapping a big success story once again.